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Time to start living your life

It's finally here! The time has come to retire from your job of 30 years. It is time to take that fishing trip you have been postponing for the last 10 years, time to go on a 3 month hiatus, time to travel the world. You are on a mission and nothing, absolutely nothing is stopping you this time. You acquire your visa, purchase your plane tickets, and pack your bags. Then you realize that your health insurance is not provided through retirement. No big deal. You call social security to start your Medicare and all your plans come to a screeching halt. All of the time you paid into social security you were thinking that you would have "free" coverage, only to now discover that you must pay a premium for Medicare part B. In addition, they then tell you of penalties you have for delaying your Medicare part B and Medicare part D. When you finally receive your Medicare card in the mail with part A and B, you are lost, not knowing who accepts it and what it covers. Your friends tell you to get on a plan F , G and/or N. You are also told you need part D and that you should consider a part C, but that you need to be wary of the donut hole. Who knew that Medicare involved re-learning your ABC's and that donuts were a bad thing?

The good news is that an RJ Clarity agent can help you with all of your healthcare needs. We can explain the ABC's and make acquiring your health insurance as easy as 1, 2, 3. It is time for you to go travel the world. Don't let the confusion of health insurance prevent you from realizing your dreams. Visit us today at and receive a free consultation.

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