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Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans or Medigap Insurance, help pay for some of the costs that Original Medicare does not cover

Who can enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan?

  • Medicare Supplement Plans are offered by private insurance companies and available to most individuals who are eligible for Medicare and 65+.


  • Medicare Supplement Plans are secondary to Original Medicare.

Important things to know about Medicare Supplement Plans

  • Individuals can see any doctor or hospital as long as they accept Medicare patients.

  • Individuals can see a specialist without a referral.

  • Coverage will travel with you anywhere in the country.

  • Part D is not included with a Medicare Supplement Plan.

  • Most ancillary benefits are not included with Medicare Supplement Plans. (Dental, Vision, Hearing, Over-The-Counter Items, etc.)


Arizona (602) 806-7800 

New Mexico (505) 600-2422  

North Carolina (919) 867-1303 

Toll-Free (800) 456-8050

Calling one of the numbers above will direct you to a licensed sales agent

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