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Working together for change

We're different.  Because we're making a difference.

Whether it means going that extra mile for our clients, assisting people with their healthcare insurance, or giving back to our communities, we're driven to do great work that matters.  We're go-getters, educators, and we are passionate about what we do.

We're RJ Clarity - working together to provide peace of mind, security, and clarity in our client's lives.

Our hiring team is looking for passionate experts and dedicated professionals who share our values, our vision, and our commitment to helping others.

Why RJ Clarity?

Because our “job”—and more importantly, our passion—enables people to live their best lives through knowing they are protected. We are obsessed with providing our clients, agents, and colleagues with the best experience possible. And we can only deliver on this obsession with a team of the most collaborative, dynamic, talented, and high energy individuals who are willing to serve with passion and accountability, challenge the status quo, and bring their whole and best self to our organization every day. That’s what we need and what we expect.

What can you expect? To work alongside inspiring colleagues. To be challenged, to challenge, and to be heard. To work hard and to play hard. To grow personally and professionally. To be rewarded for delivering outstanding results. And to know that you make a difference in the lives of others, and in the community.

We know we’re not right for everybody. We don’t want everybody. We want the best. We want you.

Our Values


Be completely indispensable to your clients.  Delight them!


Keep your word.  Be true to yourself, management, colleagues, carriers, and clients.


Strive for excellence in all that you do.  Be #1 in everything.

Problem Solver

See opportunities where others see challenges.


Own it!  The decision and the results.

Our Culture

At RJ Clarity, we empower people to feel, do, and be better.  That goes for our agents, too.  We strive to create a culture in which everyone can pursue their best selves.


Arizona (602) 806-7800 

New Mexico (505) 600-2422  

North Carolina (919) 867-1303 

Toll-Free (800) 456-8050

Calling one of the numbers above will direct you to a licensed sales agent

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