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Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans are insurance plans offered by private companies approved by Medicare  

Important things to know about Medicare Part C

  • You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.  Medicare then gives your premium to your Insurance plan to help pay for your additional coverage.

  • Use of network health care and pharmacy providers is typically required. Using providers outside of the network may cost you more.  In an emergency, you can use any provider.

  • A Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap policy) plan is not a Medicare Advantage plan.

  • Joining a Medicare Advantage plan may affect your current coverage

  • Members of a Medicare Advantage plan must present their member ID card, not their Original Medicare card, when receiving services.  Combines Part A, B, and D into one plan with one card.

  • Even though Medicare Advantage plans are privately administered, you still have the same rights and protections as with Original Medicare.

  • Medicare Advantage plans must cover all the services that Original Medicare covers and may offer additional benefits. Important: Hospice care is still covered under Original Medicare.

  • Your plan's annual out-of-pocket maximum is your safety net that ensures you'll never pay more than a certain amount out of pocket in a given plan year for covered medical services.

Part C keeps you healthy

When deciding on which Medicare Advantage plan to choose, you should consider speaking with a licensed agent to answer the following questions:

1.  Are my doctors covered as In-Network providers?

2. Can I see a doctor outside of the network?

3. How much are co-pays and deductibles associated with my plan?  How much are Part D prescription drug costs?

4. What additional benefits are offered by this plan?


Arizona (602) 806-7800 

New Mexico (505) 600-2422  

North Carolina (919) 867-1303 

Toll-Free (800) 456-8050

Calling one of the numbers above will direct you to a licensed sales agent

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