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Hospital Indemnity

Simple Solution To Help Cover Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Hospital Confinement

This benefit will pay you between $100 to $600 per day should you be confined to a hospital depending on what benefit you choose.  You can choose a 3-day, 6-day, 10-day or 21-day benefit period which will restore after 60 days of no hospital confinement.

Help Pay For Out-Of-Pocket Expenses Associated With:

  • Daily Hospital Confinement

  • Ambulance Trips

  • Cancer

  • Dental/Vision

  • Short Duration Hospital Stays

  • Outpatient Surgery

  • Skilled Nursing Facility

Mental Health & Emergency Benefits

Your policy will also pay $175 per day for up to seven days for inpatient mental health services.  In addition, the policy will pay $150 if you are admitted to a hospital within 24 hours following an emergency room visit due to accident or injury.

More Benefits To Choose From

Lump Sum Cancer Rider

Will pay you cash benefit of $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 should you be diagnosed with cancer.  It includes a benefit for Cancer In Situ and a $500 payment for Basal cell/Squamos cell skin carcinoma.

Ambulance Benefit Rider

Will pay a daily $200 benefit for ambulance service to or from a medical facility up to four times a year and subject to a lifetime maximum of $2,500.  No hospital confinement is required.

Short Duration Hospital Stay Rider

Will pay for a short hospital stay of 12 to 24 hours if you are admitted to a hospital for a covered sickness or injury.  This includes time spent in a hospital as an inpatient, under observation or as an outpatient in the emergency room.

Skilled Nursing Facility Rider

Will pay you $100, 150, or $200 per day from days 1 through 50 if you are confined to a skilled nursing facility.  Will pay benefits as long as confinement occurs within 30 days of hospitalization.

Dental/Vision Rider

Will pay you an annual benefit of up to $400, $800, or $1,200 for services performed by a licensed dentist, ophthalmologist or optometrist after the first year, including $200 for prescription eye glasses or contact lenses.

Lump Sum Hospital Confinement Rider

Some primary health plans leave you with a lump sum hospital co-pay.  A $250, $500, or $750 lump sum benefit can be used to help cover that cost.  The benefit is payable once during any period of hospital confinement and restores after 60 days of no hospital confinement.

Outpatient Surgical Benefit Rider

Will pay $250, $500, $750, or $1,000 for a surgical procedure performed in an ambulatory surgical center or outpatient hospital facility.  This surgical indemnity is payable no more than two times per year.


Arizona (602) 806-7800 

New Mexico (505) 600-2422  

North Carolina (919) 867-1303 

Toll-Free (800) 456-8050

Calling one of the numbers above will direct you to a licensed sales agent

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